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Understand The Differences Between Plastic And Cosmetic Surgery

When people think about having surgery done to improve their physical appearance, they often interchange the terms “plastic surgery” and “cosmetic surgery” quite easily. There are a number of important differences between the two, however, and you should know them before you begin to search for the best cosmetic surgeons in Houston.

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Avoiding the Horror Of Botched Plastic Surgery

You’ve heard the stories but wondered if they were true: monstrous divots in the skin after a liposuction procedure gone wrong, breast implants the size of small watermelons (with the resulting discomfort), a stomach that was supposed to be flat but instead turned into a lumpy mess of mass.

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Plastic Surgery: More Benefits Than You Might Realize

To some, the words “plastic surgery” call to mind Joan Rivers or some other celebrity that has gone under the knife too often, a vain procedure only for those who cannot accept aging and are tremendously insecure about their appearance. In other words, plastic surgery is for people who are not like you, only for egotistical celebrities who can’t let go of the spotlight as their wrinkles increase and their bodies suffer from the law of gravity in myriad ways.

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Considerations Before Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery

Even though cosmetic surgery might seem like a quick outpatient procedure that takes only a few hours and involves only a couple of cuts here and there, no one who is considering such surgery should ever underestimate the seriousness of it all. Here are several areas to think about before you start that “plastic surgeons Houston” Web search in preparation for your upcoming cosmetic surgery.

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Ensuring Your Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon is Qualified to Cut - Part 3

The certifying board also requires prerequisite certification by one or both of the ABMS boards addressing the specialty: the American Board of Otolaryngology and/or the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Diplomates of the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery must successfully complete a further two-day psychometrically validated written and oral examination and complete peer review of one- hundred cases over a period of two years.

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Ensuring Your Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon is Qualified to Cut - Part 2 

 Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery addresses surgery to correct congenital, trauma- induced, and oncologic disorders of the face, head, and neck and improvements in the appearance of that region. That surgery includes cancer surgery and reconstruction after such surgery, repair of facial injuries from trauma such as car crashes, repair of congenital deformities, such as cleft lip and cleft palate and microtia, and procedures to improve the patient's appearance, such as rhinoplasty (nose surgery), rhytidectomy (facelift) and blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery).

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Ensuring Your Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon is Qualified to Cut - Part 1

What we have here is a very readable compression of the article - yes, it all still makes very good sense. Something has to be done about the general level of education and awareness of the dangers of getting a face-lift from unqualified doctors. Obviously that is not the case here (NY Times in January), and face lifts in Houston and cosmetic surgery in Houston are at the highest levels in the country. This NY Times article has raised some eyebrows, and I thought it was very important to discuss some of these issues in a 3 Part Series with one of the best Houston Plastic Surgeons.  So, in response to the article,  Ear Doctors Performing Face-Lifts? It happens, we offer the following insight.

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Some Words of Caution About Bargain Plastic Surgery - Part 2

This is a continuation of our previous article regarding International Plastic Surgery (link to article). To summarize where we left off, we are talking in a Question and Answer format with an accredited Houston Plastic Surgeon about what to look for when choosing a facial plastic surgeon in Houston.

What are the signs a cosmetic surgeon or clinic is a practice to be wary of?

You should be looking for a lack of board certification, many bad reviews online, and a lack of a ‘presence’ on the Internet. Good quality doctors have excellent quality sites, and you can generally find a lot of information regarding their success and their accreditations online. Negative publicity and legal actions you should be looking out for. I would like to note, there have never been any negative cases like this with Houston cosmetic surgery, and Houston’s cosmetic surgeons. Negative legal actions against the physician are all keys that maybe they should be looked into a little more closely. 

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Some Words of Caution About Bargain Plastic Surgery - Part 1

With recent news reports circulating about "bargain" plastic surgery, Dr. Cilento recently provided answers to common questions that surround unlicensed surgeons and bargain procedures.

 How do specialist cosmetic surgeons in your region, and the country monitor the industry outside of normal ‘set practices’? 

In every aspect of medicine, privately funded societies are put together that represent a vanguard of each particular specialty. These societies generally set standards, administer tests and bestow Board Certification on its members. There are usually several societies for a given specialty, and as long as they adhere to certain standards of quality and ethics; they are seen as equal. Because plastic surgery is a very diverse field with many new emerging specialties based on areas of concern, there are several societies which make up the bulk of Board Certifications for each area. 

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