Here are just a few verified testimonials from some of Dr. Cilento’s patients.

Sinus Surgery
Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr. Cilento is very thorough, empathetic, caring, and has gone above and beyond the call of duty as most Dr.s practice now days. He always text or called when I needed him to. I feel like I am the only patient on his schedule when he is tending to my charts, exams, and personal needs. I think he is fantastic and I wish there were more doctors out there with his attitude toward his patients.


Dr. Cilento is extremely detailed, accurate, and precise with his diagnostic and surgical tasks. Also, he takes time to understand you and the medical issues by not rushing the office visits. I am very happy with the surgical results! I can now breathe easily and I’m not getting sinus infections! Bottom line – If you need surgery, you should have him perform it.


Over the years I found breathing through my nose becoming more and more difficult. It felt like my nasal passages were touching all the time. I assumed this was due to inflammation caused by allergies. Though my allergies improved my nasal breathing did not. I went to an ENT who said removal of a bone spur would improve my quality of life. After another year or so I mentioned to my allergist that I was thinking of having that done. He urged me to see Dr. Cilento first. I am SO glad that I took his advice. It turned out there were multiple problems causing greater difficulties than the bone spur. Dr. Cilento performed multiple procedures in March 2011. I woke up with no pain and very little swelling. That never changed. I never needed pain pills, and I never looked like I’d been beaten up. I was able to contact Dr. Cilento any time I needed to if I had questions or concerns. In a few days I felt like trucks could drive through my newly supported nasal passages. I had no idea that my nose had been in such poor condition. It has been 5 months since my surgery and my breathing continues to be a wonder! I have discontinued my two nasal sprays, and I have cut my oral meds in half. I might just be able to discontinue them altogether. Dr. Cilento is all of the positive things mentioned in the previous comments and more. I just can’t thank Dr. Cilento enough for giving me the gift of breathing easily.

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