Posts From September, 2019

The Benefits of In-Office CT Scans at Cilento Facial Plastics Facility

At the practice of Dr. Ben Cilento, Houston, TX area patients can learn about the many state-of-the-art diagnostics and tools available in the practice, including in-office CT scans at Cilento Facial Plastics. What is a CT scan? A CT scan, or “computed tomography” scan, is a specialized device that can be used for diagnostic purposes.… Read More »

Find a Professional Who Specializes in Revision Rhinoplasty

Spring, TX area patients faced with problems such as poor nasal breathing or deformities of the nose may benefit from a procedure known as rhinoplasty. Dr. Ben Cilento of Cilento Facial Plastics is a dedicated plastic surgeon who understands the importance of achieving a beautiful and fully functioning nose. He encourages patients in and around… Read More »

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