Best Foods for Your Skin

We’re always looking to get the best, most beautiful skin possible. We are testing, examining and documenting when it comes to skin treatments and the results they offer our clients. And, what works for some people may not work for others; the more we learn, the better we are at helping you get your ideal… Read More »

Juvederm Spring, TX

How to Know If You Should Get Juvederm

At Cilento Facial Plastics, we offer a variety of invasive and noninvasive cosmetic treatments to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. For instance, we offer rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, facelifts, Botox and fillers/injectables including Juvederm. Here, we will address what you should consider when choosing if you should get Juvederm. As always, the best way to… Read More »

Botox, Houston TX

Look Fantastic with Botox

Botox is a great choice for those who want to look younger and have more refined and smooth skin. Who wouldn’t want that? With Botox at Cilento Facial Plastics, your wrinkles and fine lines will have to say goodbye. Botox is one of the most popular and well known injectable treatments that is FDA approved.… Read More »

Rhinoplasty Houston TX

Am I The Right Candidate for Septoplasty?

If you have difficulty breathing or have one nostril that is larger than the other, you may have an issue with your septum. The septum is the part of the nose that separates the nostrils and is made of bone and cartilage. At Texas Sinus & Snoring, Dr. Cilento can provide you with the best… Read More »

Sinus Snoring Spring TX

Snoring Basics

Snoring can effect anyone but it becomes more common with age and those who are overweight. If you snore here and there, it is not serious and only treated as an annoyance. If you are a chronic snorer, you are hindering both your own sleep quality and the sleep of those around you. If you… Read More »

Sleep Apnea Spring, TX

You Could Have Sleep Apnea If…

Sleep Apnea is a sleep disorder that can have serious consequences on your health if left untreated. People with sleep apnea will stop breathing several times throughout their sleep. For some, this can happen hundreds of times per night! Obviously these interruptions in sleep are bad for the brain because it isn’t getting sufficient oxygen.… Read More »

Aesthetic Surgery Spring TX

How to refresh your skin during the winter season

As the year progresses, temperature and humidity vary. These can both have a minor to major impact on the health and glow of your skin. For instance, low humidity levels and colder weather can make your skin feel dry. Left untreated, this can sometimes result in cracked or bleeding skin. If you live in an… Read More »

Dermal Fillers Houston TX

Restylane vs. Juvederm

When it comes to non surgical facial fillers, it can be hard to determine which treatment is best for you. A consultation with Cilento Facial Plastics will take all of the guess work out of your decision. Prior to your visit with our specialists, here is a great basic overview of the differences between Restylane… Read More »

Fillers Houston TX

What Ethnic Rhinoplasty Can Do For You

Advancements in cosmetic surgery technology have been able to cater to the individual features and characteristics of one’s ethnicity. At Cilento Facial Plastics, Dr. Ben Cliento has performed an extensive amount of ethnic rhinoplasties (also known as nose jobs) due to his expertise in facial surgery. Ethnic rhinoplasty is a specialty of rhinoplasty and was… Read More »

Aesthetic Surgery Spring TX

Reconstruction Surgery: Do you need it?

Cilento Facial Plastics offers facial reconstructive surgery to address everything from simple wound closures to complex reconstructions. With Cliento Facial Plastics, you can rest assured that Dr. Cilento has the experience and knowledge to help you find a solution to the most complex or quick facial reconstructive issue. Dr. Cilento trained with one of the… Read More »

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