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Texas Sinus & Snoring now offers LATERA for patients that suffer from nasal valve collapse.

what is latera?

LATERA is an absorbable nasal implant that is used to help support the upper and lower cartilage inside the side wall of your nose.

Latera implant Process

benefits of latera

Some of the benefits of LATERA include:

  • Reduced nasal blockage/obstruction
  • Less trouble sleeping
  • Less trouble breathing through the nose and improving airflow through the nose.

risks of Latera

Some risks of the LATERA implant can include:

  • Mild pain or irritation
  • Mild bruising and inflammation
  • Discomfort
  • Possible reaction to the implant material

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To learn more about LATERA in Houston, call Dr. Ben Cliento at 346-330-2858 to schedule a consultation at our office in Spring, TX.

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