Propel® Sinus Implants Improving Outcomes

Are you suffering from facial pain, facial pressure nasal congestion? Do you have difficulty breathing, off-colored nasal discharge, reduced smell and taste? Do you suffer from headaches, fatigue and depression?

You Could Have Chronic Sinusitis.

The latest in sinus implants is clinically proven to improve surgical results for chronic sinusitis sufferers. With more than 30 million people suffering from chronic sinusitis each year, the PROPEL sinus implant is the latest and highly recommended sinus implant bringing comfort to patients in the US.

The sinus air-filled cavities are found in the bones and around the nose and eyes, allowing for natural ventilation and draining. With chronic sinusitis, your sinus linings become inflamed and hinder drainage, leading to chronic infections and obstruction. The Dissolvable PROPEL Sinus Implant is the first in a new category of sinus implants offering localized, controlled delivery of steroids directly to the sinus tissue helps patients maintain openings created during sinus surgery. The dissolvable PROPEL® implant is placed in the sinus following surgery to reduce inflammation and scar tissue.

The dissolvable sinus implant also reduces the need for further surgery and consumption of oral steroids. Extensive clinical trials have proven PROPEL’s implant is safe and helps maintain the results of sinus surgery. This video does a very good job of demonstrating how this new technology works.

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